How to hire the right one

Improve your organization's ability to interview more candidates in a conversational manner. Have the ability to look back at each interview before the selection.

Unbiased Interview

Machine driven dynamic or structured interview. 1st round - give the same interview to everyone instead of changing it based on assumptions.

Competency Based Recruitment

Focus on the candidates' story-telling abilities as an indication of competency and disfavor other biases.

Time Travel

Time travel to past, make a good comparative and conscious call before hiring.

Recruiter - Invite, Record, Review and Hire!!!

Expand your organizations ability to invite more candidates for an interview using our automated interview technology. Get it recorded at candidate’s time with deep insights using our machine learning algorithm. Get it reviewed at the reviewer’s time, save the critical time of your reviewer. Compare ratings across candidates and then hire the best fit.

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  • Manage entire requirement life cycle.
    Create a job position, map reviewers, track the candidate progress to closure and get detailed insight on your hiring goals and achievements.
  • Map question
    For automated interviews, attach question by position/candidate specific/random from the question bank. Use our question bank or create your own question bank
  • Send Invites
    Manage all your interview invitations to candidate from one place, be it automated interview/audio call/in-person interview. Manage all interview rounds invitation from one place and track them better.
  • Reviewer feedback on candidate
    Manage all reviewer feedback from one place. No more chasing down the hiring team for feedback. Get more insights for each candidate on each question.
  • Candidate feedback tracking
    Get to know the candidate feedback on the interview and the entire process there by helping you to improve your interview process and get more success rate in hiring.
  • Head hunters favorite
    Manage multiple customers from one place, sharing interview and progress data with customer all from one place.

Reviewer - Focus on the quality not the quantity alone.

Spend time with those whom you want to hire in your team. Watch them speak, whom you want to work with. Review and rate them to help you compare with other candidates. Skip the count on the number of interviews taken. Our automated interview tool will help you select a candidate after you have viewed all the answers or reject a candidate after you have viewed 2 or more questions. Save time, but review more.

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  • Review candidates answer
    Quickly review candidate audio video replies to questions, by focusing from the most important question to the least, without following the traditional question order there by saving time.
  • Review auto rated single / multiple choice questions
    Objective question and multiple-choice question answers will be auto rated by system, thereby saving time and helping you make faster decisions.
  • Rate candidate for each answer
    Choice to rate each answer of the candidate, thereby giving a better perspective across candidates for more informed decisions.
  • Rate candidate overall
    Rate a candidate for overall performance as per your expectations, will help you compare some of the non-verbal cues like communication skills, presentability, confidence etc.

Candidate - Those who care for candidates, surely care for their employees.

Do you want to be a part of an organization that cares for it's employees? Organizations which value experience of potential candidate, are the ones who care the most of their employees.
Join them!!!

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  • Receive invite for a position
    Receive invite for your interview from multiple companies all at one place. Manage and track your automated and off-line interview schedules at one place.
  • Give your interview from your location at your time
    Travel only for final round of interview!!! Automated interviews can be taken from your preferred location. You can now give more interviews than earlier all from your preferred location.
  • Provide interview experience feedback
    We are someone who cares to know your experience on the interview. To help you and similar candidates to have a great interview experience.
  • Receive status on progress of your selection
    Don’t keep waiting in the unknown, have you been selected or put on hold for now? Now companies will keep you informed in an automated manner. No need to keep following up.
  • *Create your video resume
    Text resumes are of the old days. Writing and essay about you in your resume is not acceptable. Our AI bot will guide you create an awesome video resume and let you talk your heart out. Video resumes will help companies find you faster and hire you faster.
  • Improve your presentation skills with the help of our artificial intelligent mirror)
    "Iyna" in hindi means "Mirror", that’s what exactly we are here as an artificial intelligent mirror. While you create your video resume we shall help you with the right cues and suggestion to be more presentable and confident.

 Employer / Recruiter Pricing

Basic Standard Premium
Freelancers / SME's SME's / Recruiters Enterprise
₹0 /per interview
₹9 /per interview
Automated interviews per month
Automated interviews per month Unlimited Unlimited at ₹9 per interview
*With minimum commitment
  Automated interview templates
Automated interview templates Limited All All
  Review auto recorded interviews
Review auto recorded interviews
  Question categories
Question categories 36 All All
  Question bank
Question bank
  Access to question bank
Access to question bank 500 questions 1600+ 1600+
  Aptitude test module
Aptitude test module
  Auto Score aptitude test
Auto Score aptitude test
  Email integration
Email integration
  Video proctoring
Video proctoring
  Users - recruiters / reviewers
Users - recruiters / reviewers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Custom question setup
Custom question setup
  Custom automated interviews
Custom automated interviews
  Video data retention
Video data retention 3 months 6 months As per requirement
  Structured/Dynamic interviews
Structured/Dynamic interviews
  Answer types
Answer types Audio-Video / Text / Objective Audio-Video / Text / Objective Audio-Video / Text / Objective
  Team management
Team management
  Interview answer ownership
Interview answer ownership Fully by Candidate Partial by Employer & Candidate Fully by Employer Support response time Support response time 48 hours - Email Support 24 hours - Email Support SLA driven - Phone Support
  Question bank creation assistance
Question bank creation assistance Limited Unlimited
  Interview sharing
Interview sharing
  Company Specific questions
Company Specific questions Limited Unlimited
  Fraud scoring
Fraud scoring In device fraud checking *Eye movement & *Lip Syncing
  Custom automated interview templates
Custom interview templates
  Business unit management
Business unit management
  Custom branding
Custom branding
  Custom email tempalte
Custom email template
  Choice of deployment
Choice of deployment On-Cloud / On-Premise
  Candidate confidence scoring(AI)/td>
Candidate confidence scoring(AI) Audio & Video analysis
  Assisted services
Assisted services

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